What can you do for the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The faculty continuously strives to improve its teaching and research. Your input as an alumnus / alumna is crucial in this. The faculty wants to involve you or the company you workin its activities through various collaborations:

  • Offer master's dissertation subjects:

Have scientific research carried out by a master student or make your company data available for research.

  • Offer an internship position:

Guide an intern within a specific company project.

  • Give guest lectures about your area of expertise:

Practical experts are a great source of inspiration for students. Do you have relevant professional experiences on a specific academic subject? Come tell your story to students.

  • Advise Study Programme Committees:

Each study programme has a study programme committee that monitors the quality of the study programme. People from the professional field are an important member of this committee.


Do any of these collaborations appeal to you or your company? Contact Grégory Maes and Nina Hovaert via communicatie.feb@ugent.be. More information? Check our web page.


What can you do for FEB alumni

Would you like to help shape the alumni activities at the faculty? Contact us at info@febalumni.be and briefly describe who you are and why you want to become part of our daily management.

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